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Your Local Pest Control Experts

Jack’s Pest Management offers trusted pest control services in and around central Texas, including Dewitt, Lavaca, Gonzales, and Calhoun counties. Should you need our services outside these areas, feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns and location. We specialize in general pest control, fire ant treatment, bee and stinging insect removal, tree spraying, mosquito spraying, and termite inspections. 

Most of our services carry a limited warranty. For additional information feel free to discuss your warranty questions with one of our scheduling professionals.

Affordable Pest Control in Your Area

Our mission at Jack’s Pest Management is to offer effective, professional pest control solutions that cater to the environmental conditions of South and Central Texas. We pride ourselves on our team of licensed and experienced professionals who understand the local pest challenges. Committed to excellence, we strive to exceed your expectations with every service, ensuring that our solutions are not just effective but also affordable for our local community.

Pest Control Inspection and Assessment

We offer comprehensive evaluations of your home or business to develop the best pest treatment solutions and preventive maintenance programs.

Pest Extermination and Treatment Options

Jack's Pest Management offers tailored solutions and effective pest control plans for your pest issues and problems.

Pest Prevention and Routine Maintenance

We provide ongoing proactive care to ensure a pest-free environment so you can feel safe in your home and on your property.


Contact For Service

We take pride in the communities we service, offering top-tier pest control services. Our commitment is to ensure a pest-free environment options for our clients. Contact our company today for a consultation and discover how we can achieve a pest-free space for you!

Residential & Commercial

At Jack's Pest Management, we offer tailored pest control solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Our residential services focus on creating a safe and pest-free home environment, while our commercial offerings are designed to maintain pest-free spaces in businesses, ensuring a safe and professional atmosphere for both employees and customers.

Fire Ant Treatment

Our Fire Ant Treatment targets and eradicates fire ant colonies within your yard, ensuring a year-long relief from these pests. We use specialized techniques that reach the queen ant, the key to dismantling the colony, providing a comprehensive solution for fire ant infestations. This treatment is so good that we guarantee you will not have any fire ants in your yard for a full year.

Bee and Stinging Insect Removal

Africanized bees, ground hornets, and stinging wasps can be a serious threat to people. Jack’s Pest Management offers bee removal and relocation of our treasured pollinators. In addition, we can provide specialized treatments for other flying stinging insects (non-pollinators).



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